Raw vegan diet cures cancer

While interesting theories should not be dismissed out of hand, they should be tested to see if, and to what extent, they are true. Meat and milk alone, especially in their processed states, are the primary causes of a slew of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and a host of other maladies.

Genetics play a role in diagnosis of some cancers, and some others are predisposed to it due to environmental, social and personal physical attributes.

Breast Cancer Survivor Says Raw Food Diet Helped Her Heal

Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Treating cancer the allopathic route is the only method most are aware of; holistic alternatives contrast by focusing on treating the cause and aiding the body in healing itself. At the age of 88 she found out she had brest cancer.

For example, exposure to radiation to the chest especially in late childhoodearly menstruation, tall stature, number of children and whether they were breastfed, and genetic predisposition all can influence risk of breast cancer.

This is food designed by God for us, His creation, to eat. While some people may find some positive changes empowering, drastic or extreme changes could have a detrimental effect on nutritional status and survival outcome.

Just three years ago, then year-old Megan was facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. Also, raw live foods are much easier to digest or assimilate putting less burden on your digestive system and more time into cleaning or repairing your body. Food for Breast Cancer To those who are thinking of using a raw food diet alone to treat breast cancer I wrote an article in about raw food diets and breast cancer after I came across a YouTube testimonial from a breast cancer survivor who had adopted a raw food diet and "didn't go for any of the conventional therapy, at least for a while.

Questions about prognosis might not be met with specifics, but there will be astounding and inspiring examples of women who were cured of breast cancer despite poor prognoses. However, there is no objective scientific evidence that adopting a raw food diet alone can cure breast cancer in the absence of conventional medical treatment.

Even better than relying on farmers is growing the food yourself.

Vegan YouTuber Who Claimed Raw Food Cured Her Cancer Dies From Disease

It is the main source of energy for malignant cells. In fact, since it is not possible for most people to conform to a percent raw food diet, if you are not cured, it will be your fault you let some negative thoughts in also, didn't you?

However, it makes more sense to focus on specific fruits and vegetables found to reduce cancer risk and recurrence, as well as avoiding those that have been found to promote breast cancer. MEAT People eat a lot of meat.

Does the raw vegan diet work for cancer? (video)

Unfortunately the result is processed food with negative nutritional value loaded with sugar, salt, and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that are toxic to you. It is very easy to use. And finally synthetic vitamins and minerals are added, in an attempt to restore the nutritional value destroyed by all the processing.

Most of these foods cannot be eaten raw and must be cooked, processed, or treated before we can ingest them, and that is where the problem begins.

In addition I follow a nutritionist's orders and see a physical therapist once a week to help with my lymph system to help detox. Don't look at the things you messed up. I hope you ain't comes through again without issue. Take spinach for example. I knew a Grandma who was from America and lived here on the islands.

People think: High fructose corn syrup is cheaper than natural cane sugar; and artificial strawberry flavoring is much less expensive than using real strawberries. · including cancer, and a plant-based (vegan) diet is not only good insofar as prevention, (vegan) diet, you are getting the Raw food.

raw plant diet in combination with the treatment which your oncologist offered, leads to recovery. Research and science have a lot to say about the link between a healthy diet, cancer, 7 Keys to Success on a Healthy Vegan Diet. · Topics» Success Stories» Plant-Based Diet Helps 21 Year Old Recover From Brain Cancer I ate the “Standard American Diet,” packed full of meat.

Vegan Plant-Based Diet Prevents, Reverses & Cures Disease. Can the Vegan Diet Prevent Illnesses or Cure Diseases? Raw Vegan Avocado-Celery-Parsley-Dill.

Vegan blogger who tried to cure her cancer with raw vegetable diet has died

% Raw Courage made Janette cure herself of terminal cancer using the raw vegan diet. Read about her story.

Raw vegan diet cures cancer
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