High fat diet effect on interleukin

Swimming has many beneficial effects on the heart including a decrease in pro-inflammatory markers Geenen et al. The high-fat diet group, but not the normal chow group, responded to the DRG inflammation with a marked decrease in von Frey threshold A and an increase in dynamic mechanical allodynia Bcold allodynia Cand guarding behavior D.

Total protein was quantified by Bradford assay and the expression of specific proteins was determined by Western blotting as described previously Chavali et al.

Full size image Surgical procedures for local inflammation of the DRG LID The surgery was performed as previously described 33 except that the dose of zymosan was lowered by a factor of 10 in order to make sure the pain behaviors in chow-fed rats did not approach maximum values see Results.

Each group contains equal numbers of male and female rats; data from males and females have been combined.

The High-fat Hep C Diet

The width was measured at the point of widest medial-lateral distance, which was always near the heel. Sections were then placed in phosphotungstic-phosphomolybdic acid solution for 15 min followed by aniline blue staining for 30 min.

Interleukin receptor ILR expression has been detected in all types of liver cells, such as hepatocytes, Kupffer cells, stellate cells, biliary epithelial cells, and sinusoidal endothelial cells [ 13 ]. Two-sided tests were used throughout. Results High-fat diet consumption for 8 weeks affected body weight in Long-Evans but not Sprague-Dawley rats In this study, we used the paradigm of diet-induced obesity first described by Woods et al.

Lawrence Kien, M. High-fat diet-fed Long-Evans rats also showed a significant increase in percent body fat measured by NMR after sacrifice 8 weeks on diet. However, to our knowledge there are no preclinical studies of obesity in radicular pain models.

Histological analysis indicated that the tumors were well-differentiated liposarcomas with infiltration of inflammatory cells. He has masters degrees in health-fitness management and healthcare administration and a doctoral degree from The University of Texas at Austin focused on health care informatics, health administration, health education and health policy.

Figure 1 Experimental time course. To examine this further, we tested the effects of feeding high-fat diet for only one week before implementing the low dose DRG inflammation pain model, instead of for 6 weeks as in all other experiments.

Unexpectedly, all the IL transgenic mice fed with HFD for four months developed spontaneous tumors in epididymal adipose tissue. A shorter exposure to high-fat diet was able to increase pain behaviors but the effect was short-lasting and less robust The above findings suggested that diet per se, rather than obesity, might cause increased sensitivity in the pain models used.

Using a milder version of a radicular pain model, local inflammation of the dorsal root ganglion DRGwe observed marked increases in mechanical and cold allodynia in rats of both sexes that were maintained on a high-fat diet HFD for 6 weeks prior to DRG inflammation.

A Representative M-mode echocardiography after 8 weeks of treatment. The regular dose caused a marked decrease in von Frey paw withdrawal threshold PWT; Aand an increase in mechanical allodynia withdrawal response to stroking with a cotton wisp; B and cold allodynia withdrawal response to a drop of acetone on the paw; C.

High Fat Diet Triggers Inflammatory Process and Disease

Because Sprague-Dawley rats did not develop diet-induced obesity in our experiments, we were able to observe effects of the diet on pain sensitivity in the absence of elevated body weight or adiposity. The function of IL in adipose tissue is currently unknown. Table 1. For the dynamic allodynia and cold allodynia tests, the increased responding in the high-fat diet group reached significance only on post-CFA day 3, possibly due to large inter-individual variation within the high-fat diet group.

A Expression of IL protein levels in different groups of animals. Plasma MCP did not differ between the groups E.

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In addition, we observed increased Cyp1a and Cyp3a protein expression as an effect of exercise, whereas Cyp2b expression was lowered as an effect of HFD. Study finding appear in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

The tests were done according to the manufacturer's instruction. No animals were excluded from analysis. Maintenance on a high-fat diet vs.

Introduction Obesity is a rapidly growing global public health problem that increases the risk for many diseases 1. A cutoff value of 15 grams was assigned to animals that did not respond to the highest filament strength used.

This mimics the local inflammation that occurs with ruptured disks without nerve compression. The M-Mode echocardiography was performed with Vevo imaging system by positioning the transducer on the hemi-thorax region of the mouse.

In lymphocyte-deficient SCID mice, this ILmediated effect on B-cells is lacking, leading to uncontrolled macrophage infiltration and loss of IL-7 protective effect against glucose intolerance.

However, human studies also show associations between obesity and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and headache 456. Retrieved on May 7,from https: We used the paradigm of diet-induced obesity first described by Woods et al.

Some preclinical studies show that diet-induced obesity increases arthritis severity in animal models, although most of these did not directly measure pain responses 2324254/9/ · High-fat diet increases pain Other pro-inflammatory cytokines shown to be locally or systemically elevated in obesity include interleukin The effect of high Cited by: 4.

24/10/ · High fat diet-induced inflammation and oxidative stress are attenuated by N-acetylneuraminic acid in ratsCited by: Exercise ameliorates high fat diet induced cardiac dysfunction by increasing interleukin 10Cited by: interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha, High fat diet induced obesity on female rat fat until become homogenous in a dough-like consistency.

Effect of a trans fatty acid-enriched diet on biochemical and inflammatory parameters in High-fat diet. HL. ) Interleukin prevents diet-induced Cited by: 6. Impact of high-fat diet on the intestinal microbiota and small intestinal physiology Effect of high fat diet on high-fat diet; IL: interleukin Cited by:

High-fat diet increases pain behaviors in rats with or without obesity
High fat diet effect on interleukin
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