Diet first year new syllabus

Electrochemistry Conductivity of electrolytes- Specific, molar and equivalent conductivity, Nernst equation for electrode potential, EMF series, hydrogen electrode, calomel electrode, glass electrode, Electrolytic and galvanic cells, cell EMF, its measurement and applications, Weston standard cell, reversible and irreversible cells, concentration cell, electrode hydrogen gas electrode and electrolyte concentration cell, concentration cell with and without transference, fuel cells, hydrox fuel cell.

Sushil Kumar, Building construction, Standard Publishers, 2. Gaur and S.

GO 1 Syllabus, Curriculum Time Table in AP DIETs for Diploma in Education DEd Course

Modern materials — Bio and Nano materials. To describe the trajectory of a particle under projectile motion. Programs using functions with Pass by value 6. Temperature measurement - Thermocouple 4.

Rao, T. Don Herweck, Mechanical Engineering, Pub.: Programs using Pointers and functions They will know how to apply basic building blocks of instrumentation and control engineering for a typical application.

DC Motor, Induction motor, Synchronous motor, Synchronous generator and Transformers- construction, principle of operation, types and applications. Limited, Edition 27, Define engineering materials technology and understand each stage of the materials cycle, material selection criteria [d,f,h,I,k] C2.

Introduction to manufacturing processes: Semiconductor Devices-p-n junction diode. Outcome Students would become familiar with the importance of electrochemistry, its applications, corrosion, spectroscopic techniques for characterization, importance of properties of metals, alloys polymers and composites.

The course gives a comprehensive exposure to house wiring. Basics of energy conversion, power apparatus used in power generation, transmission and distribution, Power apparatus used in various industries. Estimation of dissolved oxygen in the given water sample.

Fuel cell- Theory, working and application.

First Year B.Tech Syllabus 2013-14 *New

Laser Fundamentals, William T. Programs using recursive functions 8. Properties of Cement - Setting and Hardening. References Books 1. State of the Art Technology in Chemical Industries.

Metallurgical Industries in India Outcome C1. Prentice Hall, A number of chosen problems will be solved to illustrate the concepts clearly. Intellectual property rights: Liquid Crystals: Kothari D. Introduction to different types of electrical circuits, house wiring, electronic circuits for signal processing, specifications of electronic components.

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Telangana DEECET Syllabus 2019 | Download TS DIETCET Exam Pattern –

Types of Portland Cement. Friction Laws of friction, static friction, rolling friction, application of laws of friction, ladder friction, wedge friction, body on inclined planes, simple screw jack — velocity ratio, mechanical advantage, efficiency, Numerical.

Statement and explanation of the terms involved — one component water system — condensed phase rule — construction of phase diagram by thermal analysis — simple eutectic systems Pb - Ag system only — alloys — importance, ferrous alloys — nichrome, and stainless steel, nonferrous alloys — brass and bronze — heat treatment of alloys.

L Arora, S.Singh R.P, An Anthology of English Short Stories, O.U.P. New Delhi. 3. Singh R.P. Rustagi, Financial Management, Galgotia Publishing House, New Delhi.

New syllabus for Intermediate 1st year

GO 1 Syllabus, Curriculum Time Table in AP DIETs for Diploma in Education DEd Course. Diploma in Elementary Education ( Syllabus, DEd Course Revised Curriculum, Time Table from Details released vide GO 1 Dated TS DEECET is an entrance exam to get an admission into two-year courses at various colleges in the state of Telangana.

So to make the test preparation, the candidate must know the DEECET Syllabus & Exam Deecetexam. Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Government is all set to introduce new syllabus for the first year Intermediate course.

According to AP Board of Intermediate Education B Udayalakshmi, the new Author: Srikanth Reddy. DIET CET Syllabus Candidates who want to participate in DIET CET examination and are searching for DIET CET Syllabus they can get it through this web page.

On this page, we are giving complete DIET CET Syllabus for the benefit of applicants. · MAKAUT SYLLABUS CHANGE || NEW SYLLABUS FIRST YEAR ONWARDS #pratiksarkar Hello Friends, This video is only for the aspiring engineering students going to study under Wbut i.e.

MAKAUT. I Author: Pratik Sarkar.

Diet first year new syllabus
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